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Physics Collection

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Image: Giovanni Celoria, Atlante astronomico, expanded 2nd edition, Milan, Ulrico Hoepli, [1904] (Science and Technology Library, LIBRI RARI 520 CELOG atl), front cover.

As well as a collection of scientific instruments, a collection of around eighty printed books was formed at the university's Physics Department, most of which date from between the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. This collection is predominantly made up of works in foreign languages, although there are also some Italian treatises.

Among the 19th century publications are the treatise Elementi di fisica, by Ferrara-born Antonio Roiti (revised, expanded second edition, Florence, Successori Le Monnier, 1887-1888), and among those from last century, an interesting example is l’Atlante astronomico published by Hoepli in 1904, with text and illustrations by Giovanni Celoria, containing "41 miniated tables and 3 zincographic tables".

The collection is found in the Science and Technology Library, in the Ex-Ferrarese Agricultural Sugar Refinery.

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The collection is kept at the Science and Technology Library.

The volumes that make up the collection are ineligible for external loans, but it is possible to consult them in the library, upon request, made by telephone (+39 0532 974897), email or through the online catalogue.

Rules for consultation

The collection was kept at the university's Physics Department until the end of 2004, when it was transferred to the Science and Technology Library, established as a centralised inter-departmental library in June 2003.

The cataloguing of the collection in the SBN (National Library Service) was carried out in the years following the transfer.

The volumes are located in the ANTICHI and LIBRI RARI sections of the library where they are kept.


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2020 - The historical collections. Science and Technology Library (length: 2 minutes and 43 seconds)

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