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In-library services

What you can do in the Unife libraries

  • Study spaces

    Inside our libraries there are rooms where you can study, consult bibliographical material, and connect with your PC, tablet or smartphone using the Unife WiFi; you can also find various workspaces with computers; in Economics and Literature there is a magnifier available for people with visual impairments.

    Access is free, and we ask you to observe the rules for behaviour indicated.

  • Information and references

    The Unife libraries follow their Regulations in the performance of activities and services.

    In all locations, you can ask the librarians for information and assistance (references) on the use of the library and its physical and electronic resources.

    For guidance on bibliographical research, in particular for a degree thesis, you can make an appointment: we will meet in the library or on the GMeet platform.

  • Signing up to library services

    Consult the librarians to register your personal details (if you are under 18, you need to fill in this form); this registration will be valid in all libraries in Ferrara and the province (Ferrara Library Hub).

  • Consultation and loan (books, journal, multimedia)

    Consultation in the library: permitted to anyone signed up to the libraries that are part of the Ferrara Library Hub.

    External loans:

    • Unife students: max 5 volumes for 22 days
    • lecturers, research assistants, doctoral students, experts in the field: max 20 volumes for 91 days
    • Hub users (only if resident in the provinces of Ferrara and Rovigo): max 3 volumes for 22 days

    Material not permitted for loans: journals, multimedia, degree theses, ancient, rare or valuable books; for details you can consult our Regulations art. 9.8.

    Sanctions for late returns of borrowed books:

    • suspension of the right to borrow books for periods proportional to the number of days the book is late or the number of reminders received
    • for students, failure to return books to the Unife libraries also results in the suspension of administrative certifications, as provided for in the Regulations art. 19.2
  • Graduation thesis consultation
    Following the dematerialization process of the thesis, which started in 2017, this service only regards the consultation of the ones that have a physical format.
    The Libraries of Architecture, Economy, Literature and Philosophy and the Technological-Scientific one, allow the service and only keep the graduation thesis which are considered particularly outstanding and of high regard, that can be useful to professors and academics in the future.
    The consultation of the thesis is allowed before having booked it through the online catalog.
    Other informations are available in the Article 16 of the Libraries Activities and Services guidelines.
  • copies, scans and printing from a PC

    In every library, there are machines you can pay to use to independently make photocopies or print from a PC; it is free to make scans; the service is managed by an external company.

    Remember that it is only possible to photocopy bibliographical material owned by the library within the limits permitted by law, and for the purpose of study and research (see the Regulations art. 15)

    In the Literature Library, there is also a reader/printer that supports microformats.


Photo Card In-library services: Reading Room, Chemistry and Biology Library of S. Maria delle Grazie (2017). Archive of the Unife Communications Office