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Inter-library services

For Unife users and other libraries

the interlibrary loan (ILL) service is suspended from 19 July to 28 August 2024 inclusive;
the document delivery (DD Nilde) service is suspended from 25 July to 28 August 2024 inclusive.
  • For UNIFE users

    If you are a Unife student or employee, you can get hold of books and articles for study, research or teaching requirements that are not available in our libraries.

    If the material can be found in a library in the province of Ferrara, you need to directly consult the Unife librarians, who will request it and contact you when the books or articles have arrived; this is part of the Interlibro Service of the Ferrara Library Hub.

    If, however, the material can be found only in other Italian or foreign libraries, you can request it through our BiblioUnife and NILDE services, using your institutional account.

    Book requests:

    Requests for parts of books and articles from journals:

    For further information, you can contact the IT and Inter-library Services Office ( or your nearest library.



  • For UNIFE Hub Libraries

    The Unife libraries participate in the Interlibro Service.

    The Literature Library is the collection and sorting point for all the university libraries.

  • For other Italian and foreign libraries

    The Unife libraries operate under a free exchange system, both for document delivery (within the limits permitted by the applicable copyright laws) and for inter-library loans (volumes only available for consultation and those published in the last two years are excluded from this). For further information, consult the Regulations art. 11.

    Requests can be sent via ILL-SBN and NILDE or via email to the library.