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Transformative agreements signed by Unife

Unife has signed the following transformative agreements; for each one, it is possible to consult:

  • the updated list of «hybrid journals» and «Gold Open Access» journals included in the agreement;
  • links to the publishers' websites for submitting scientific contributions;
  • the publishing clauses for open access publication;
  • all other useful information for publication.
The majority of transformative agreements signed by CRUI with academic publishers allow researchers to publish open access original research articles and review articles in the «hybrid» or «Gold OA» journals included in the agreement.
After the article is accepted by a journal, if the corresponding author - in other words, the Unife researcher in charge of submitting the article (we recommend always using a @unife.itemail address) - chooses to publish with Open Access, the publication costs (APC) will be charged to the university contract.
It is a good idea to carefully check the publishing clauses provided by the journals.

ACS Journals

Cambridge Full Collection (CUP)

Elsevier and Cell Press Collection