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Heritage and special collections

Discover the University's treasures

In 1753 the University and City Library - "Pubblica Libraria" - was opened in Ferrara, in the Palazzo Paradiso, which at the time was the only seat of the University schools, and which today is the Ariostea Municipal Library. In the following decades, its collections were significantly enriched thanks to the seizing of library collections from abolished religious institutions and bequests from private donors.

In 1862 , the administration and management of the library was passed entirely to the City Council, although its users were still primarily students and professors.

The university gradually left Palazzo Paradiso, establishing its faculties in other historical palaces that were equally prestigious, scattered around the city of Ferrara. However, the majority of the library heritage of the university library remained at the Municipal Library, and we can see the evidence in the many books there still bearing the university stamp.

The volumes transferred from the "Libraria" form the nucleus of the historical collections of the present day Unife libraries.

Other collections